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Hot Air Balloon Experiences In Brazil

There are many wishes people include in their bucket list, and surely flying in a hot air balloon is one in the majority of cases. Due to its territorial extension, Brazil is one of the most favorable places to admire breathtaking sceneries from above.
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3 Ways To Help Protect The Amazon Rainforest

Much of the rain in the Amazon is generated by the rainforest itself, but as trees disappear, rainfall declines. The more we know about our forests the more we become aware of the effects of its destruction on our health and climate across the world.
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A journey through Brazilian sounds

Brazil is well-known for its expressive and diverse culture, the remarkable aspect of Brazilian music is that so many genres are unique to the nation. Passion Brazil teaches you the essential guide to Brazilian music:
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Travel through your tastebuds

During this period one thing that hasn’t changed is the craving for tasty meals. Staying home has encouraged some people to perfect culinary skills while those less experienced have attempted to learn it for the first time. Hearty and juicy, traditional Brazilian food is among the tastiest in the world. Here’s some culinary inspiration so...
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