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October in Perù means celebration

El Señor de los Milagros, or the Lord of Miracles, has its origins in Lima and is celebrated throughout all of Peru. Actually, this is...
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Chile an incredible adventure

Chile is a tiny country. It consists of a long string of land squeezed between the Pacific ocean and the imposing Andes. This attributes the...
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Argentina the silver land

Argentina means silver in Latin, Argentum. It is in fact a great source of valuable minerals. It once was deemed one of the world’s wealthiest...
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Nowhere else on earth will you find such a dazzling array of natural wonders and diverse cultures as South America. The world’s fourth largest continent features the greatest rainforest, largest river, longest mountain range, and highest waterfall on the planet – all nestled between stunning beaches, ancient villages, and vibrant cities. Our travel services give you the opportunity to discover the hidden gems of this vast continent and an insider’s guide to it’s most fascinating cultural aspects.

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