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Every place and every culture has their tradition for the holidays. In South America there are some interesting customs.

Cleaning the house is a big tradition in many countries in South America. By New Years eve the houses are sparkly clean, this is a way to start the year fresh.

Various countries in this continent believe in throwing a bucket of water, that represents their tears, out of a window or a door. This custom represents throwing away the past.

Meeting around bonfires is a pleasant tradition. In countries like Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Paraguay natives usually burn famous or personal effigies of people that played a big role in the past year. This happens at midnight on New Year’s eve. Chileans instead write on a piece of paper what they would like to change in the new year, to then burn it.

On the 31st of december, natives in Latin America eat 12 grapes for good luck, one for each month of the New year. Some also make a wish for every single month. This is a tradition that has been inherited from Spain.

In South America people believe that wearing pink or yellow underwear brings good luck to the new year. 

In Venezuela and Colombia, people walk with a suitcase around the house. They believe that this will bring traveling opportunities.

In Brazil wearing white on New Year’s eve is a big tradition. In fact everyone makes sure to have at least one piece of garment in white, even if only their underwear. Brazilians also jump seven waves or place flowers in the ocean at midnight for good luck.