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Asado also called churrasco in South America is a way of life, a strong part of the culture. Every event is a good excuse to gather family and friends to celebrate with some juicy asado. This is a ritual practiced by people from every social status, in fact it brings people together.

The ritual starts by choosing the perfect cut of meat, then the designated cook called “asador” turns on the fire really early in the morning, to make sure the embers are ready in time. When the temperature is just perfect the meat is placed on the grill and looked after for many hours, it has to be moistened periodically with a mixture of fat, oils and herbs. This is a really important job.

It is difficult to wait, the delightful smell takes over the air. But while waiting rivers of beer are poured into the glasses while music plays in the background. This is a well practiced routine in every family. The meats used in asados are beef, pork, chicken, chorizo and morcilla. What makes asado so unique is the cuts taken are different from any other country, they are studied to preserve all the juices inside the meat, resulting in every bite being crispy outside and tender on the inside.

Believe me this a heavenly experience. Asado is accompanied by different kinds of salads, rice, beans and manioc crumbs. Enjoy your meal!!!