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Imagine an old cute pictoresc town, with colorful colonial houses, cobblestone streets, charming squares, cute shops, a pleasant marina, and an ancient fortification. We are in Colonia del Sacramento, one of the oldest towns in Uruguay. The historic quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

This is a popular town for international and local tourists. In fact thousands of visitors come here each year. It is located on the river banks of El plata river, between Brazil and Argentina, the two biggest countries in South America. This amusing town was founded in 1680, by the Portuguese.Through time the town was dominated by various cultures, like Spanish, English, Portuguese and Brazilian. Due to the many colonizations there have been difficult times for the locals, but because of it this place is rich in culture, architecture, and history. In 1828 the town declared its independence, becoming part of Uruguay. 

Puerta de la Ciudadela is the old entrance door to the town, it used to be one of the defense systems that protected the town from invasions. It was built by the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Don Manuel Lobo.

Plaza de Armas is the historical city center. It is a beautiful and pleasant square, it’s perfect to relax in the shade. Here we may find the oldest church in Uruguay, called Matriz.

Calle de Los Suspiros is one of the most beautiful streets. It dates back to the seventeenth century. next to this precious road we may admire the colonial houses of that time. Many photographers love to come take pictures in this spot.

The truth is that the whole town is full of great places to shoot breathtaking pictures, like the Marina. On the river shore we can enjoy a walk while watching yachts and fishermen. In the evening it is a must to have a nice dinner in the local fish restaurant, where the fish comes right from the river. 

In the historic district we may find a few museums. In the Municipal Museum we may buy a ticket that grants access to the other seven museums as well, like the paleontological museum, the Spanish museum, and the Portuguese museum.

If the days are too hot don’t miss going for a swim on the sandy beaches.