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There are definitely some things that you need to know before planning a trip to South America. Departing with some notion on the countries cultural habits, geographical features, and an overall knowledge of the place you are visiting will for sure guarantee a great trip without sudden surprises that can ruin your dream vacation.

When traveling to South America we find ourselves at the equator, this means that the sun is closer to you than you think. It is really easy to get badly sunburnt, after all you are visiting a new country and will be many hours outside.  Never forget to wear a hat, always wear sunscreen, and if possible cover yourself with light cotton clothes. Now you may enjoy the beaches, the mountains and a lot of sightseeing.

This one counts for any country you are visiting. You are going to be eating a lot of new amazing foods with many different spices, you will be wanting to try everything on the menu.  Always have in your bag some probiotics, tissues, and hand sanitizer or soap. A good hint that I always practice when traveling, is to never have ice with your beverages and always have bottled water. This is a way to avoid unexpected discomfort.

In almost all countries in South America it is part of the culture to bargain when buying services or items. For example in markets it is a sport to bargain the prices, in fact the price  is just a number where to start with your haggling abilities. So don’t forget to always ask for a discount.

Speaking Spanish or at least having some notion of the key phrases for survival is vital. Especially if you’re visiting smaller towns, people don’t usually speak english. A smart thing to do is take a small dictionary with you, or download an app that does the job on your phone.

Unless you are visiting a big city, finding a good internet connection might be your real adventure in this trip. So make sure you have all the information that you need with you before leaving. You might be using a map again, yes a map!! Remember those folded pieces of paper with drawings of city streets?

Now that you are all set I can only wish you a great trip.