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So what is the Chupacabra

One of the most famous legends worldwide that has its origins in South America might be the Chupacabra. Chupacabra literally means goat sucker in Spanish. This is a legendary creature present in the folklore of many countries in this continent. Legend says that this creature attacks and sucks the blood of livestock, leaving them lifeless […]

Saci Pererê

Brazil has many legends and myths.  The folkloristic characters of these stories have certainly a big relevance, they seem to be alive. That’s due to the fact that people believe so much in them that they end up loving, fearing  and respecting these entities as if they were real.  So many civilizations from literally all […]

Folklore and myths of South America: El Silbón

The cultures in South America are so rich and dense that one would need a large library to contain the many stories and legends of folklore. When raised in a Latin American family, you start hearing stories and lullabies even before you can talk. Also music and dances  are full of significance and tales. People […]