The Green Church, Argentina

The green church, also known as “Church of Jesus in the Garden of Olives”, is totally covered with ivy, making the building look like a drawing from a fairytale book. No wonder the calendar is booked with weddings. It was consecrated in 1897. There isn’t much information about the church’s history. This is a truly mysterious place.

Cathedral of Maringá, Brazil

This might not be a typical church. We might not be used to this type of style when talking about a church, but it is for sure original. This is a Roman Catholic cathedral. It is 124 meters high, making it the tallest church in South America . The construction started on july 1959,  and was completed in 1972. Architect Jóse Augusto Bellucci was inspired by the Soviet Sputnik satellite. The foundation stone is a piece of marble from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, blessed by Pope Pius XII.

Salt Cathedral, Colombia

This Cathedral is found at Zipaquira. It is an underground Roman Catholic church. This church is atypical because it is built inside the tunnels of a salt mine. Going down 200 metres in a halite mountain we find this amazing site. The ornaments and architectural details are carved in the halite rock as well. The cathedral is a functioning church. This is a place of pilgrimage in the country. On Sundays it is visited by more than 3,000 visitors. Also many tourists are attracted by this unique place. The cathedral is described as the “Jewel of Modern Architecture”.

The Church of Santa Maria de Loreto, Achao

This is a Roman Catholic church. It is one of the 16 iconic wooden churches that became a World Heritage Site known as the “Churches of Chiloé” thanks to the “Chilota school of Religious Architecture on Wood”. It was built in 1740, when the archipelago was still a part of the Spanish crown possessions. The church is one of the oldest traditional Chiloe churches built in the 18th and 19th century. It has survived in excellent condition to this day.

The Basilica of National Vow, Ecuador

This Basilica is a Roman Catholic church, located in the historical city center of Quito. This is the largest neo-Gothic church in the Americas. In 1883 Father Julio Matovelle had the idea of constructing a monument as a perpetual reminder of the consecration of Ecuador to the Sacred Heart.