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Every culture has its own costumes, food is definitely one of the best ways to understand a civilization. Today we will look at some of the most exotic dishes in South America to try and learn some new recipes. Perhaps we might like these new flavors.  

  1. Cuy, Ecuador/ Bolivia/ Perú/ Colombia

The guinea pig is a pet, it is really cute to look at! The South American variant has a thick and long fur, it’s color is white and fawn. It is native to the Andenean regions, where through the centuries it has become part of the lives of the people. It has been domesticated, and it is still bred today. This friendly little pet is not only considered for keeping humans company, but it has also become part of the local gastronomy. The Cuy is a dish prepared in the holidays season. The presentation might be a little extreme for the most sensitive. The animal is cooked as a whole, so this might be a bit disturbing. Like everything it tastes like chicken, but the meat is not as fat. There is really little meat on the bones, an adult can weigh only up to 1,2 kg.  It is usually fried or roasted, with a side dish of boiled potatoes or french fries, sweet potato, onions and corn.

  1. Nachi, Chile

This snack is originally from the Mapuche people. The word Nachi means blood. Locals in the countryside eat this unusual dish. If you are brave enough you may have a taste of this recipe. Nachi is made with the blood of lambs, goats or pigs. The blood is mixed with salt, coriander, smoked pepper, and lemon juice. This preparation is left to coagulate until it becomes a jelly. When ready Nachi is cut and served with bread. Also it may be consumed when it is still in it’s soup-like state.

  1. Caldo de Cardán, Bolivia

The key ingredient of this recipe is bulls penis nerve and hoof. This soup is usually served on weekends, being that it needs to slow cook for many hours. The ones that have dared to try it say that it is delicious. Local people consider it an aphrodisiac, and also a great hangover cure. The soup is enriched with lamb ribs, chicken breasts, potatoes, rice, hard boiled eggs, and Bolivian beef jerky. The taste is accentuated with a touch of cream or Ilajua, a spicy sauce made with tomatoes, onions, and chilly peppers. It is served really hot.

Caldo de Cardán
  1. Chinchulín, Uruguay/ Argentina

This dish is basically the veals small intestine. Usually it is prepared on a hot grill, cooked with charcoal or wood ember. It is commonly served as an appetizer when families and friends have their weekend barbecues. It takes a long time to cook this meat, and if undercooked it will be rubbery. Some boil it before putting it on the grill, to make sure it turns out tender. Although through this procedure some of the taste is lost. So if you want the full experience I suggest a slow cook directly on the grill.  


So are you curious about any of these recipes, or perhaps you have already tried one or more.