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South America is an amazing continent full of energy, and an explosive nature!!! We all imagine the rainforest, the palm trees and the pristine white sanded beaches, but this is not all. There are many interesting facts that will make you raise your eyebrows.

1. The countries in South America are 14, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Falkland Islands (United Kingdom), French Guiana (French), Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguai, and Venezuela. There are 450 recorded languages spoken in the continent. The most common are Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Many indigenous languages are still spoken in tribes.  

South America

2.  Brazil is the largest country in South America, it covers 47,3% of the continent. It borders all the countries except for Chile and Ecuador.


3. Deep in the Amazon rainforest there are still tribes that don’t have any contact with modern civilization. Some scientists think that there are more than we know of living deep into the forest. 

Indigenous tribes in the deep Amazon rainforest

4. There are no doorbells in Paraguay. People clap their hands to announce themselves.


5. The Amazon Forest is the most Biodiverse place in the world. This amazing forest is home to more than 40% of the world’s plants and animals. It is a treasure for all humanity. 

Amazon rain forest

6. Suriname is the smallest country in South America, and the least populated country in the world. It’s area is 163,821 Km2, with a population of 581.363.


7. The tallest waterfall in the world is in Venezuela, the Angel Falls also known with it’s indigenous name Kerepakupai Merú, which has a bewildering height of 979 meters. This mesmerising waterfall is in Canaima National Park, and it is part of Unesco Heritage.

Venezuela, Angel Falls

8. The Andes are the world’s longest continental mountain range. They cross 7 countries, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. They spread 7,000 km from north to south and up to 700 km east to west with an average height of 4,000 m.


9. Bolivian Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat. It covers an area of over 10,500 km2. During the rainy season it becomes the most beautiful and largest natural mirror in the world. During the dry season a thick crust of sodium chloride is uncovered, sometimes 10 m deep.  

10. The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador were the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. In 1835, when Darwin was 26 he arrived in the Galapagos and was hit with the similarities of the local animal and plant species to the ones found in the mainland, also many characteristics unique to those islands.